First blog post

Welcome to my blog. I decided to name it Nurse’s Notes because I have been a nurse for many years and back in the day, before electronic charting, we used to have to write out our nurse’s notes using pen and paper. We wrote long notes that were often several pages long, depending on how sick our patient was, and what had transpired throughout the day. We always started our note like this “Received patient at 7:00 am, awake and alert, oriented x3. PERLA, etc.”; we went by systems from head, heart, lungs, GI, GU… you get the idea. As much as I enjoy writing, I do not miss writing out those notes at all. But when I was considering names for the blog, it was the first thing that came to mind. However, instead of writing notes about my patients, I will be writing notes about my experiences as a nurse.


One thought on “First blog post

  1. Nurses Notes is such a perfect name for your blog…..I miss charting about my patient’s course of events during my watch…..checklists have taken over but there is still info that can be written out about the patient and I want to continue to do that, although with the space provided I had to adapt to smaller writing, which is difficult because i write LARGE !!!


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