Don’t Shoot!

Another day in America = another mass shooting. How did we get here, and how do we stop the insanity?

I pray that we never become numb to these tragedies, I really do. The people that we elect to be in charge of protecting us, especially our children, are not doing a very good job, and they need to do better! This is quite literally a matter of life and death. It should be simpler than this. It should never be easier to legally purchase a weapon(s) and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, than it is to get a driver’s license, or buy a six-pack of beer! Period. Hard stop! But alas, nothing is easy (or rational) when it comes to a divided America.

A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858). It has been over 164 years (almost to the exact day!) since Lincoln gave his famous speech, and yet we seem to have learned nothing. Shame on us.

Why are there so many obstacles blocking (safe) restrictions to purchase firearms… why? Why does an 18 year old (boy) need an AR-15 rifle… most likely, it is not out of good intentions. And if you really want to use weapons of war, for the love of God, do us all a favor and join the U.S. Military and learn about responsibility, courage, and honor. And, while we are at it, can someone please tell me why some (mostly men with white-privilege), think that it’s perfectly acceptable/necessary to go into a WaWa for a cup of coffee and a Snickers bar, wearing military gear, as if they are in the midst of a suburban, small-town war, just because they can (insert eye roll)? Are they making a bold (and idiotic) political statement about their 2nd Amendment Rights? These typically “pro-lifers” don’t seem to care about ALL lives, do they?

I use my words (and my 1st Amendment Right) on social media because I don’t know what else to do. I won’t be silenced, despite pissing off (and alienating) a few people along the way. None of us can, or should, (just) get used to these daily tragedies. If you have not been directly affected by gun violence, count yourself as lucky… but that luck may run out, and when that happens, and it WILL happen if things continue along this path, how will you feel? Your gun rights are not more important than the right for all of us to go to school/church/market/concert/movie… and be safe.

Laws prohibit those who have not passed a written test, received a learner’s permit, and then, we must still pass a practical driving test to get a Driver’s License, because a vehicle is also a weapon that kills. So why would gun laws not require the same type of training and testing?

Lately, I have been wondering if I will be next. I am not a person who is easily frightened. I’m a nurse for God’s sake (and we have seen A LOT!), but nothing seems sacred or safe anymore. Churches are supposed to be sanctuaries where we go to pray and feel closer to God, but that is just not the case, despite our 1st Amendment Right!

The world has been getting scarier, and many of our “Leaders” don’t seem to care; they pad their pockets with money from the NRA, while turning a blind eye to the violence. That’s the deal that they make with the devil; they sell their soul, and look to others for blame because it’s easier than looking at themselves in the mirror. It makes me so angry, and I feel helpless. That is the hard part of being in such a vulnerable position. And let me be clear, we are all vulnerable! If you think owning a gun makes you less vulnerable, you are wrong, because even if that person with mental health issues doesn’t go after you in the WaWa, they may go after someone that you love… like your child while he/she/they are in school, just being a kid and trying to learn to read, or understand Algebra.

Yes, we have a lot going on in our country right now, with inflation and gas prices soaring; the stock market is very concerning too, of course. Republicans and Democrats do not agree on much, but we are ALL equally affected by what is happening around us, and yes, things seem bleak at the moment. There seems to be two polar opposite extremes who look at the same issue, and see something entirely different. Where is the middle ground that can pass through the fluid purple-ish middle line of compromise? To quote the great journalist, Dan Rather (2022), “It doesn’t matter if the causes … are global and complicated; the party in the White House usually takes the blame, regardless of which party it is“. This is not the time to point fingers and block laws from being passed because one party doesn’t want the other party to succeed! That is so selfish, and so very stupid. It is also such a spiteful way to run the county. I firmly believe that we will get through this period; I don’t know when, but I do know that we all need to be mutually invested in what is “right” and best for not only our country, but also, and more importantly, our families.

So please, when you use your 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendment Rights to go out and vote, look at your choice of electives, and find out what they stand for before you give them your vote and your trust. Don’t put someone in the position to make decisions (on your behalf), that could endanger you or your family, because of their own financial agenda.

Who can tell the “good guys” from the “bad guys” anymore?


Rather, D. (2022). Guns, Abortion, and the American Flag. Retrieved from

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