Experiencing grief when you lose someone who is still alive

This is a difficult post for me to write because it is very personal and raw. I am fully aware that it seems like a dramatic sentiment that one can grieve for someone who is still alive & kicking, but it is the closest emotion that I can compare (to) what I am feeling right now. Whether we mourn the loss of someone we love who has passed, or those that we lost due to a personal and intentional disconnect, the grief that I feel is painfully real.

Currently, I am experiencing an array of difficult emotions, similar to the Five Stages of Grief, developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, On Death and Dying (published in 1969), but mine differ in that they range from sadness and pain, to anger, resentment, depression, and even betrayal. According to Kübler-Ross, the last stage of grief is “acceptance”, which speaks to accepting the reality that someone that we love/care about is no longer in our life, and we must try to adjust to this being the new norm… and now there is a 6th stage of grief, called “finding meaning” (Kessler, 2020), which seems to be piggybacked with acceptance and closure, to help transform grief into a more peaceful, reflective experience… I don’t see myself coming to terms with this anytime soon. How could I when the loss is due to me being ostracized for who I am, and what I believe… that takes it to a whole other level of dysfunction that Kübler-Ross failed to include in her stages… perhaps she didn’t anticipate the great political divide that our country would face in the future, and the effect that it could have on American families… I don’t fault her, who could have ever predicted such a controversy?

I am no stranger to conditional love/friendship… meaning that (some) are “fine” with me being a sister, daughter, in-law, friend, etc. as long as I keep my views/opinions/beliefs to myself. The conditional terms to these relationships are crystal clear. I used to be ok with that, I’m a middle child after all, always willing to change for the greater good, but now I’m not; why would I want to be accepted by those who hold me to situational conditions? Where is the trust in that kind of relationship, and is it sustainable? Your thoughts?



Reality vs. Perception

I haven’t written in awhile…it’s been unintentional. I just couldn’t string words together that could express all that has been on my mind; there isn’t a word for everything I have wanted to say out loud. I mean, 2020 was a helluva year, wasn’t it? We are two weeks into 2021, and I feel like it has basically told 2020 to “hold my beer”! So much has happened in our “United” States, that it will no doubt, be used as an example (of historic magnitude) of Presidential corruption and a violent attempt to overthrow Democracy. I fear for our future if we cannot overcome the aggressive efforts of many (Trump, his crime family, his corrupt lawyers and fellow politicians, QAnon, the KKK and NRA, Fox News, and those supporters who blindly fight for their leader, and whom are unwilling to listen to reason or facts) to override a fair election, and keep Trump in office so they can all fulfill their own maleficent agendas, which no doubt lead to money, power, and control.

I can’t fully wrap my head around the huge political divide in the country. When do facts and reality start to blend in with opinions and perception? Something that one believes to be true, does not make it so. Why can’t we all agree that right is right, and wrong is wrong… and truth is the only thing that matters, whether we want to believe it or not? These are basic facts. When “right” and “wrong” become confusing, and people cannot agree on who are the “good” guys, and who are the “bad” guys… well, that’s a big problem, and perhaps one that can lead to our downfall if we don’t unite for the greater good. Jesus, take the wheel. Please.