Personal boundaries

I have previously written about being relentlessly attacked for expressing an opinion that is different from others’ … usually by people who claim to care about me, and who feel that it is their responsibility, and in their best interest, to “educate” me to basically succumb to their polar opposite worldview beliefs. This is never a fair, or reasonable, thing to pursue. Unfortunately, some things (and people) never change, even when promised; it is a constant source of disappointment and anguish.

We all have a threshold of what we can accept, and what is beyond reproach. I always seem to fall on the south side of what some can, for lack of a better word, tolerate… and that’s ok. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t aim to be; “if you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection” (Lecrae).

Social media, to me, is a way to share who I am, what I care about … and of course, I use it as a way to share my blog, show off my sweet dogs, and pass along adoptable rescues who are in need of a 2nd, or 3rd, chance at having a forever home and family. But when it comes to anything authentically personal, I am typically hit with an aggressive assault, criticizing my opinions/beliefs. I am left feeling personally attacked just for being myself. If one was to say that the most beautiful color in the whole world is “blue”, for example, would someone then dispute my opinion and say, no, “red” is the prettiest color? Probably not… beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? Then why do some people think that it is ok to attack you for being a Democrat (blue) over being a Republican (red), or even an Independent (purple)? The simple answer is that it’s not, and it never was. Look, I don’t make the rules for common courtesy and respect, BUT, if I did, I would definitely make it an inexcusable, below-the-belt personal foul, with a harsh penalty.

I saw a memorable quote from someone who was viciously attacked on social media that went something like this “get off my page, you take that shit on the other side of the internet” … it made me laugh, but it also is quite fitting; if you don’t like what I do/think/say, then move on; keep scrolling. I don’t need to hear it, be insulted, or shamed by it. I don’t do that to others, and I won’t tolerate it in return. So if you want to be my “friend”, then be one, and accept who I am. If you don’t, then that’s fine too. I’ve earned the right to form an opinion(s), whether you agree with it or not. The bottom line is this, it is ok to take back some control and draw a line in the sand to create acceptable boundaries for self-preservation; people only treat you how you allow them (to).